Send your draft and I’ll do your logo

Providing a draft is not mandatory, but it makes all the process to create a logo easier and faster, even if you don’t draw so well. You can also provide images as reference if you don’t want to do a drawing yourself.

Best of luck with a mascot

Mascots are adopted by individuals and groups to bring luck, as amulets. Magical or not, their recognizable aspects attract the public sympathy making easier to sell products, ideas and concepts. Attached to the logo and a brand, an unique mascot complements the visual identity of a business. These factors explain why so many companies successfully adopted mascots and introduced them into unforgettable advertising campaigns.

Logotype: much more than an image

Visual identity is part of the strategy of a company to stand out in the market. It happens mainly through the logotype, a graphic image that represents the brand of the company or of a product and symbolizes its qualities, values ​​and concepts.

Looking professional with vector graphics

Logos frequently need to be reproduced in different sizes and types of media. So we design them in vector format (like .eps and .ai), which affords accurate copies for all web and printing uses. In the same computer program that we use to draw the vector images we can extract (save) them to raster formats (.jpg, .gif, .png and others).